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Our Job Positions.

Computer Vision Engineer

In the role, you’ll be implementing your methodological thinking into high-grade computer vision problems. You’ll be working on developing real-world scenario algorithms with a passionate team of self-starters.

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Reinforcement Learning Engineer

In this role you’ll be supporting the innovation ramp-up by contributing to the intelligent systems’ development. That will require an implementation of your interdisciplinary expertise to the algorithmic solutions. You’ll be conceiving best response scenarios...

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Deep Learning Engineer

The aim of the role is to squeeze out every stage of deep learning codes’ performance through applying both theoretical creativity and technical intuition. You will be contributing to the disruption of the traditional solutions by developing algorithms.

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Software Security Analyst

We're looking for a developer that can analyze and identify flaws in software systems in order to identify and protect against security exploits.

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Mobile App Developer

Job Description:
We’re seeking a developer that will dive in to collaborate on all continuously growing mobile projects. The ideal candidate should have a cross-platform background or a firm understanding and experience in either Android or iOS development.

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Web Developer

In this role, you'll be implementing your expertise in the field to all web-related projects. You will design and develop efficient and performant code, predominantly in Python. We would like you to get involved in all stages of the solutions’ development together in an interdisciplinary team of specialists.

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