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Alexander Lehmann

Founder & CEO

My Story

Mr. Lehmann spent his graduate-school years building particle detectors at Fermi National Laboratory as an experimental particle physicist while attending the University of Michigan  Ann Arbor.  Mr. Lehmann is the original founder of our company and serves as our Chief Executive Officer overseeing all aspects of our business.  An accomplished entrepreneur, Mr. Lehmann spent his formative years as a professional games player (chess, poker, and backgammon) while running several games-related startups.  Mr. Lehmann's most notable recent project was serving as CTO to Anchor Loans LP.  During his five-year tenure, Mr. Lehmann designed and implemented technology that enabled a regional company to scale to a nation-wide leader in the complex business of hard money lending.  His current research interests include exploitive game theory, sentiment detection through image and video, and deep learning.  Mr. Lehmann resides in Portugal with his wife and two sons.  In his free time he enjoys speed chess, poker, and cooking.

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